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Implementing cultural changes in corporate world is not simple: it involves re-moulding values, beliefs and behaviour, and it's a major change management challenge, taking a great deal of time and hard work from everyone involved. By providing a platform for analyzing the current culture and designing changes, Cube productions services provides a good foundation for the difficult business of changing organization culture. Using it, you can create a cultural environment that encourages success, supports the organization's objectives and, all-in-all, and makes for a better place to work. Cube productions corporate and cultural model event gives you the opportunity how to win respect, manage other people successfully, inspire and motivate your team, and handle difficult career and role transitions. These skills can put you on the fast track to the top of your organization.

We are passionate about planning your wedding & birthday parties, and with your help we want to make it memorable. Whether the wedding of your dreams is a small intimate ceremony or the full works, we aim to achieve all of your expectations and most importantly stick within your allocated budget. Knowing when and where to start planning for the big day can be stressful and very time consuming. If you have already started planning your wedding but only want help in some areas we are happy to assist you in any stage of planning your wedding. Any birthday is worth celebrating at any age and what better way to do it than in style! Whether you are celebrating a 1st or your 100th birthday! We can provide parties for all ages. Birthday party proposal will be produced for you to view. This proposal will include details of what planning is required, the type of party you would like and a breakdown of how we can assist.

When you are in charge of organizing a seminar or conference, the buck stops with you. If somebody forgets to tell the caterer who likes to cook with chicken, that your conference is for the Association of Die Hard Vegetarians......you're going to be the center of a lot of hungry and irritated conference attendees. What a nightmare! Hopefully you have the foresight to stop such a travesty from happening in the first place. But it's understandable, even undeniable, that one man or woman is not going to think up everything that could go wrong on their own. Instead that's our job. Our expert guides are dedicated to making sure you don't make any of the mistakes. We give you the heads up before you walk into the problem.  All you need to know to make sure you let the world know about your even at just the right time for the best response possible. Our expert guide will help you from day 1. We will show you how to make checklists that will keep you organized and make sure no detail is forgotten. We will have you creating timelines that will keep you stress free and organized, along with the rest of your conference committee.

You had a challenging, productive, and sometimes stressful day at the office. You then battled traffic to make it home. Now you need to put your mind at ease, recharge your battery, and refresh yourself so you can do the whole thing again tomorrow. Yet the house is a mess, the kids are restive, and your partner wants to know what you're cooking for dinner (yes, it's your turn!)Or perhaps things at home are relatively calm, but your mind is anything but. Try as you might, you just can't stop turning over the day's events – and obsessing about tomorrow's challenges. Your evening leisure hours have been stolen by work thoughts – and before you know it, it will be time to go back. If either of these scenarios describes your after-work evenings and weekends, you might need to work a little harder at something that seems like it should come easy: Taking a well-earned breather after a long day at the office. Like most other tasks, relaxation is a skill – one that repays the effort of learning it. Mastering the art of relaxation off the job can make you more rested, focused, energetic – and successful – on it. The simplest option for relaxation is taking part in our DJ parties... it is just emptying your mind and make you ready for tomorrow.

Product launch hospitality is a relatively new marketing tactic with promising potential for your business. This tactic is increasingly being used by marketers at new product launch events. Marketers spend more and more on immersive and emotionally powerful events that will grab the attention of the target customers and make such a powerful impression that will generate a lot of buzz for the new product. These events are even more powerful and effective than regular TV ads.A welcoming and well-choreographed event can do wonders for your business's image and reputation. We understand how important imagination is to business. And the impact that fresh ideas have. Which is why clients return to us again and again to launch their products and concepts? Whether it's an invitation-only press launch or a massive product launch, we're always at hand to come up with novel ways to show off your ideas and products .

We provide elegant and stylish décor, which sets the scene and atmosphere for a sophisticated yet welcoming event, which your guests will remember for a long time. For ease of purpose, under headings, we reflect the various areas which may be utilised. This makes the various elements which you may wish to include in your gala dinner easier to consider and discuss. The first area which your guests will encounter, where they are welcomed with a drink, and they can relax, knowing that they've arrived safely, and meet and mingle. The entrance to the main area further extends the warm welcome provided for your guests as they proceed, and is an integral link between the outer and inner areas. We offer an extensive range of materials and colours with which to provide your basic colour selection/s and contrast detailing. Gala Dinners, being smart and sophisticated functions, lend themselves extremely well to the use of strong, rich and contrasting colours, adding depth, detail and texture.We  gladly and professionally design and install the perfect Gala Dinner setting required by you, providing a truly opulent and sophisticated ambience, so essential for a breathtaking and memorable Gala Dinner.                          

A set is a place with an artificial nature that creates the illusion of a real or imagined place. The show Production and Event Management program presents an incomparable opportunity to learn the fundamental skills and perspectives require to plan, manage and produce shows for a broad range of live entertainment and special event industries are evolving at an unprecedented pace driven by constant innovations and advancements in sound, video and lighting technologies. The curriculum provides  with the protocols, technical & business knowledge, and practical skills required for the production of music concerts, corporate events, theatrical productions, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and multi-media presentations. Show Production Systems, Live Sound, Lighting Principles and Operation, Event Production & Management, System Installation, Special Effects, Acoustics, Digital Audio, Electricity & Electronics, System Maintenance, Agreements and Contracts and Show System Design.  Creating one off, bespoke events for our clients is one of our major strengths and is what we love to do best. So if it's something different and entirely original that you are seeking, we'd be delighted to have the oppportunity to meet with you to discuss.

Trade is well known as a very challenging area of commercial venture. There are countless numbers of  retail trade shows industries across the country every year. This trade show focuses on the great possibilities thrown-up by surge and provides a focus to the enlargement of a business.  Products presented should be fully functioning and technical demos should be active. These shows can make you actually feel the experience of a real product and you can be able to meet more influential people in the business. An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. Through out the ages, trade fairs have been recognized as one of the most efficient and powerful tools for effectively doing business. An exhibitions are traditionally the space in which art objects meet an audience.

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